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The Al-Ghurabá magazine of CISEG is an alternative counter-narrative tool to prevent the violent radicalization of jihadist etiology. It was born in August 2017 as a project of CISEG, a non-profit association dedicated to creating links between all professionals in the intelligence and security sector.

The objective is to involve civil society in this sector and to offer prevention and counter-narrative tools to prevent the violent radicalization of jihadist etiology within the communities.





Provide knowledge to the general population about the violent radicalization of jihadist etiology. It is important to expand the knowledge gauge and offer all the information obtained so far by all professionals working on the phenomenon to society. This problem arises in communities, between people and anyone can be in a situation of closeness with a radicalized profile or a radicalizing agent. Consequently, providing tools to civil society allows them to be empowered, informed and trained.


Destined to the most vulnerable groups to be radicalized. The goal is to create content for hot spots through an attractive design for all audiences. The publications are presented in a simple and direct way, which seek to analyze the current situation but also erode and delegitimize the discourses that these terrorist organizations facilitate.

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